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EX-series Food Waste Digester 
EX-series is a food waste digester uses unique fast food waste decomposition technology, which applying highly efficient and concentrated bacteria to decompose food waste into liquid and carbon dioxide within 24 hours. It reduces organic wastes as well as carbon emissions significantly. The liquid discharged could be recycled for various purposes.
In addition, an optional recycling conversion device
could be added in accordance to customers’ need. It applies resource conversion technology which FOG (Fat, Oil, Grease) and salt which are harmful to soil could be removed to produce high-quality solid compost. Also, the extracted FOG could be converted into biodiesel for energy. And the water could be recycled.  

Ex-series food waste digester has obtained CE certification approved by ECM in Italy, conforming to EU standards of machinery safety.

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EP-series Food Waste Composter
EP-series is a food waste composter applies unique and highly efficient bacteria to decompose food waste into compost within 24 hours at 40-50℃. It can not only reduce the volume of organic wastes, but also achieve the recycling utilization of food waste.
It can be used for small to large scale restaurants, hotels, schools, communities and cafeterias. Depending on model, it can process from 10 kg to 5 tons of food waste per day. The system does not require any special installation. Simply connect the machines to an electrical outlet and the system is ready to operate.

Our food waste treatment machine adopt omniseal operation thus no exhaust is needed. Food waste will be decomposed once it enters the machine and will be released in the form of watery solution. Besides, there are water sprinkler systems inside to remove the odor and so no odor will be released to the working environment.

With years of optimization, our machine minimizes power consumption to an utmost extent, using very low power consumption parts, which dramatically reduces noise. Besides, the machine directly connected to the sewage system, so the sound from the output is also minimized.

Our machine internal space are fully utilized, reducing the size up to 50% compared to traditional food waste treatment machine, it saves space and increases the flexibility for the machine installation.

Our machines operate automatically. After dumping the food waste inside, it will function on its own without any further handling and manipulation. As compared to the traditional machines, it reduces tons of workload which saving the manpower demand.

Through the continuous technology advancement and optimization, our machines can process food waste treatment effectively under superior low power consumption. It is achieved by enhancing biological processing capability which allow minimizing the mechanical and electrical requirements. The treatment cost could be as low as HKD$30 per ton of food waste. 

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