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廚餘機 food waste machines

Ecopia (HK) Limited is a research company of food waste technology. We have always been devoted to developing innovative technology to solve food waste problem, and to contributing to environmental protection.
We have been cooperating closely with well-known universities and government research institutes for developing innovative and pioneer foodwaste processing technology, such as fast food waste decomposition, resource conversion, smart control system, etc. We developed a more comprehensive food waste processing system, which could achieve higher efficiency in food waste decomposition and recycling.
We provide consultation services based on customer's geographical environment and needs, we deliver the most suitable food waste system and management solutions for households, restaurants, buildings, and different commercial premises.  At the meantime, we provide customers delighted one-stop service, which includes installation service, training and maintenance service etc.

Better world

1. Improvement of decomposition efficiency

Development of new bacterial system, which can further improve the decomposition efficiency to manage some difficult food waste.

3.  Development of food waste management system
Developing a  series of auxiliary facilities to achieve systematic approach to manage food waste, offering convenience to customers in the management of food waste.

2. Recycling of food waste

Development of recycling conversion system, which can achieve comprehensive conversion and recycling of food waste, and maximize the recycling potential of resources.

4. Increase of energy efficiency
Development of smart control system which could optimize running condition to save more energy consumption and thus save more carbon emission.

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