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Here are some frequent asked questions about our product for your reference. If you have any other questions, welcome to contact us!

Q 1: Does food waste need sorting or pre-treatment before putting into the machines?

A : There is no need for sorting and pre-treatment since our machine can decompose most type of food waste, except for the things that cannot be digested such as metals, plastics and bones, which will stay inside the machine occupying the space and results in lower machine efficiency.

Q 3: Does the machine need labor handling?
Any other hand work is needed during operation?

A : No, our machine is fully automatic from the beginning to the end. Users are only required to dump the food waste into the machine and it will turn food waste into watery liquid automatically.

Q 5: What’s the working principle of your food waste machine?

A : Our machine contains high density of effective microorganisms that convert organic waste (including food) into water and carbon dioxide by respiration.

Q 7: Can soup be decomposed by your machine?

A : Yes, please note that hot soup is not allowed to put into the machine since it will kill the microorganisms.

Q 9: Will it cause high power consumption if the machine operates everyday?

A : Our machine power consumption is very low, the treatment cost could be as low as $30 per ton of food waste.

Q 11: If anything accidentally drops into the machine, is it safe to fish it out by hand?

A : Yes, there is a paddle mechanism inside the machine that slowly rotates to stir the food waste, but it will automatically stop once the door is open. Rubber gloves should be worn when retrieving something from inside the machine.

Q 13: Do we need to collect and put the food waste into the machine at the appointed time?

A : Of course not. Users can collect and put the food waste into the machine at any moment.

Q 2: Does the machine need to be cleaned after the decomposition of food waste?

A : There is no need for cleaning after the decomposition of food waste since all the food waste will break down to carbon dioxide and water which is directly discharged thru the pipes.

Q 4: What can I put in the machine?

A : The general rule is that if a human can eat the food, the machine will process the food. The machine and the microorganisms are designed to process a wide range of food waste types in mixed quantities.The machine cannot process anything that is not organic food waste and cannot be easily broken down such as bones, seeds and stones, packaging, etc.

Q 6: How long will it take for food to be decomposed completely?

A : It depends on the type of food, usually within one day.

Q 8: Can I put refrigerated or frozen food waste into your machine?

A : Please wait for the food waste to come to room temperature before putting into the machine. If food waste at very low temperature is added, it will change the conditions within the machine and may kill the microorganisms.

Q 10: Do we need to replenish the microorganisms of the machine regularly?

A : There is no need to frequently replenish it. However, we suggest it is better to replenish the microorganisms at least once a year to maintain the quality of work.

Q 12: Does detergent affect the normal operation of the machines?

A : Users do not need to worry about this issue, because the impacts of detergent to the microorganisms are not very significant.

Q 14: Does detergent affect the normal operation of the machines?

A : It is important to have a constant supply of food waste to the machine. If the machine is not used for 1 month, the microorganisms inside will die, so the food waste introduced later could not be digested properly. In this situation, microorganisms should be replenished to the chamber before the appliance is used.

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