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Recycling Centre saturates, resulting in 3000 tons of food waste possibly being transported to landfills

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The development of converting food waste to biogas and compost is encountering hurdles, hence most of the food waste will go to landfills in the future. C&I (Commercial & Industry) sectors are not willing to transport the food waste to the organic recycling center due to the high cost of transportation. Meanwhile, since the pig farmers reject to use food waste as the feed due to the recent swine fever issue, the handling methods of local food waste become fewer and fewer. In addition, the governmental organic recycling center can only handle 200 tons of food waste per day which is much lower than 3000 tons food waste produced per day in HK,

so the final destination of food waste can only be the landfill. The food waste cannot be converted, then causing pressure to the landfill. The EPA said that they would provide free technical assistance and staff training to industry and business communities, motivating them to transport the food waste to organic recycling center and ensuring the processes meet the hygiene standard.

According to Monitoring of Solid Waste in Hong Kong Waste Statistics for 2017, of 3762 tonnes of solid waste disposed of at the strategic landfills every day, more than a third were food waste. The Organic Resources Recovery Centre Phase 1 (ORRC1) could treat 200 tons of

 organic waste (mostly food waste) per day for the production of biogas and compost. And each phase of the ORRC would avoid landfilling of about 200 and 300 tons of waste every day respectively, hence contribute to extending the useful life of landfills in Hong Kong.

Ecopia Participated in IE expo China 2018

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3-5 May 2018,IE expo China 2018 was held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. As the largest and most powerful environmental show in Asia, the expo offers an effective business matching and networking platform for Chinese and international players in the environmental sector to showcase their advanced technologies and solutions, focusing on water and sewage treatment, solid waste management, site remediation, etc.

Ecopia participated this exhibition, and we have shown our two core technologies, which is fast food waste decomposition technology and resource conversion technology. It could reduce environmental pollution effectively and maximize the recycling potential of resources. Our innovative technologies and its applications had attracted many domestic and international companies coming to discuss for cooperation.

Meanwhile, our partner, Shanghai Fuzhen

Plant-tec Co, Ltd also exhibited and demonstrated our commercial food waste digester, gaining a lot of positive feedback from visitors.

Ecopia will participate more aggressively in mainland China environmental promotion activities and cooperate with more green technology companies to expand and extend our business exposure in mainland China. Looking forward to contributing more in environment protection in mainland China.

2018 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition

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20th April 2018, Central and Western District Green and Technology Carnival was held in Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College. As an environmental technology company, our machine gained affirmation and recognition from headmaster, thus being invited to participate in the activity. This carnival was part of the promotion programme "Technology and Environmental Protection at Our Home" sponsored by Central and Western District Council, introducing residents in the district understanding the importance of environmental protection and technology through this carnival. The 

atmosphere of the carnival was keeping warm and high, attracting more than 1000 people of both local residents and other school students to attend.
Central and Western District is the most prosperous part of HK, with the highest average monthly income among 18 districts. Generally, local residents have relatively high acceptance of environmental protection and technology. And the numerous environmental technology activities get fully support from government. To some extent, the development within the district could reflect the coming trend of HK.

In the activity, our next-generation household

food waste machine was displayed which caught lots of attention from visitors. They showed great interest, and they were looking forward the launching of this household machine. 
We hope that our household food waste machine could go into everyone and every family in the near future.

2018 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition

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12-14 April 2018, 2018 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (2018 MIECF) was held in the Venetian Macao. “Shaping of Eco-Cities for Inclusive Green Economy” as the main theme of 2018MIECF aims to enhance the development of eco-city construction. Case sharing, policy analysis, technology display and business exchange will be focus on improving people’s living standard, developing social well-being as well as promoting regional green economic exchanges and cooperation. With an area of 16900 square meter, the exhibition has attracted more than 490

exhibitors from 19 countries and regions. Besides, “the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area showcase area” was added to strengthen and enhance cooperation on environmental protection in Greater Bay Area.
Our partner, FSE Environmental Technology Group Ltd, has participated and demonstrated our commercial food waste digester, attracting many professionals and industrial players to visit and discuss.

Food waste problem has become one of the serious environmental problems to solve in Macao. During the meeting with environmental community in January this

year, the director of Environmental Protection Bureau said they had a plan of increasing the number of food waste plant within this year and expanding the food waste recycling network to cover small and medium-size enterprises, and will prepare for a larger scale recycling program in the future.

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