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Audit Commission criticized Environment Bureau not solving food waste problems properly

by Admin on November 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Audit commission criticized the Environment Bureau for using only setting the targets for managing the food waste issues but didn’t achieve significant improvement for many years.

The food waste processing facility spend over 10 million HKD but only being utilized 1/4 of it full capacity. The director of Environment Burea, Mr. Wong Kam-Sing

did not comment on it but emphasizing the plan for a recycling center establishment in Siu Ho Wan were in schedule.

The nearest residential waste disposal distance become the longest for Tseung Kwan O resident

by Admin on October 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

Environmental Protection Department announced that the Tseung Kwan O landfill area will only receive construction waste from Jan 6th 2017 onward. The smell issue for the local resident might be able to be solved. However, the residential waste has to

find a new landfill area or a waste station to dispose. Every ton of waste will charge extra 30HKD. Tseung Kwan O residents will be suffer the most economic impact due to the increase in the disposal distance from the shortest to the longest. The transportation fee will be increased by

double and management fee may be increased as well. Environmental Protection Department urged the real estate management company to discuss with the residents and waste collection service providers to make a better arrangement.

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