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A food waste processing artifact in Chengdu, which could decompose food waste into watery liquid.

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Food waste is high in water content and oil content, and it is perishable and stinky. If it is not treated in time, it will affect the surrounding environmental sanitation. At the same time, in the process of cleaning and transportation, it is easy to occur such as leakage and difficult to clean up. Recently, a digester machine was installed in a commercial district in Chengdu have attracted the attention of many netizens because it can treat food waste on site and decompose it into water.


On December 10, the reporter came to the business district to find out. The reporter saw on the second basement floor of the business district that the digester machine covered an area of ​​more than 10 square meters. There is a control panel on the outside, which shows the temperature in the machine and the weight of the food waste. Mr. Wen Ke, the person in charge of the disgester machine of an environmental protection company in Chengdu, introduced the machine on October 1, 2019, which handles an average of 1.3 tons of food waste per day. Up to now, dispose of more than 70 tons of food waste.

Mr. Wen Ke, said: "If you deal with original food waste, including oil and water, the maximum load is 4 tons per day. In accordance to the different components of the food waste , It has processing cycles, overall usually within 24 hours, all the organic waste will be completely digested. Therefore, our machine can digest all the food waste from shopping malls and complexes daily."


Mr. Wen Ke told reporters that the machine uses biological hydrolysis as the core and divides the treatment of food waste into three categories: pretreatment system, biochemical treatment system and water treatment system. The operation of the machine is simple and convenient. The staff only needs to collect the food waste, and then dispose it into the machine, and the machine will automatically complete the treatment.

Mr. Wen Ke, said: "After collecting the food waste, the three items of oil, water, and slag are completely separated. The oil is collected and processed by a qualified company for further processing. The separated water and slag are transferred to the degradation equipment, and through the biological bacteria, mimic the digestive function of the animal's stomach, digest all the organic matter, and turn into water and carbon dioxide. If the water enters the water treatment equipment again, it will pass the water treatment. After the equipment (treatment) has reached the municipal level III pipe discharge standard, it enters the municipal sewage pipe network. "


Mr. Wen Ke said that the equipment is suitable for use in places where food waste is concentrated in commercial complexes, large hotels, and residential communities, but because the machine is only suitable for the degradation of organic waste, workers' preliminary sorting is essential. He hopes that through the implementation of garbage classification, automatic collection, transportation and disposal of food waste can be realized in the future.


Mr. Wen Ke,said: "The direction is to build a platform that integrates the collection, transportation, and processing from the initial intelligent trash can to intelligent collection and transportation and intelligent processing. This will make it easier to monitor from the source of the food waste to the place where it processed."


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2019 Eco Expo: Growing green industry showed dedication towards carbon and waste reduction

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Jointly organised by Messe Frankfurt and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the 14th Eco Expo Asia was held in Hong Kong from 30 October to 2 November at AsiaWorld-Expo, welcoming over some 10,600 visitors from 93 countries and regions. With 51% of visitors coming from outside of Hong Kong, Asia’s leading industry event for environmental protection displayed the region’s strong and unwavering appetite for environmental technologies and products.

Under the theme “Less Carbon, Less Waste • Green Innovation”, the 2019 expo showcased innovative green solutions developed by over 300 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions to promote environmental protection, waste reduction and energy efficiency. The official launch of the Greater Bay Area Environmental Industry Alliance placed great importance on the sustainable development of a green low-carbon economy in Hong Kong and Mainland China, while the Greater Bay Area zone gathered near 100 exhibitors from all nine municipalities, as well as Hong Kong and Macao, to present the latest environmental technologies and a comprehensive range of green products.

More highlighted zones at the expo included the test driving of a 100% electric truck at the Green Transportation zone, and the Startup zone, which featured 18 startups who attracted potential buyers and investors with their inspiring green technologies. International exhibitors from Austria, Canada, Europe and Switzerland also participated at the expo to connect with local and overseas  visitors, especially those from within the Greater Bay Area. Despite the recent public incidents in Hong Kong, exhibitors reflected that visitor flow and quality were better than expected, with a significant number of visitors coming from outside of Hong Kong and the opportunity to reach a variety of target clients, from government officials to property developers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

As a Hong Kong technology company, the company participated in the Hong Kong Pavilion exhibition area, introducing the latest technology and concepts of the our food waste treatment. The comprehensive treatment solution has attracted the attention of both local and overseas industrial players. Our concept was being endorsed by industrial professionals. Overseas buyers are actively exploring our technology and cooperation possibilities.

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